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Situation in the world and the reasons for change
The world is facing global issues such as
1. Rapid obsolescence of skills and knowledge. The founder of Alibaba Jack Ма believes that we are teaching our children in a way as to ensure they will become unemployed within 30 years.

2. Aging population — pressure on the young continues to grow, and it is unclear how employment can be provided and older people can adapt.
3. Communication revolution — the dramatically increasing number of connections between people, people and machines, and between machines themselves.

4. Disruption of traditional business models, institutes and entire sectors of the economy, there is not even a need to explain it – you have faced it repeatedly over the last two years.
What is Philtech
What is Philtech
1. Philtech is an industry, where companies such as Wikipedia, Linux, and Kickstarter are already successfully operating
2. Philtech is a method of building up companies and projects according to a brand new model, where they will be aimed not at gaining the maximum profit, but at the maximum social impact.
3. Philtech is a set of solutions, methods, technologies and tools, which will assist in launching Philtech Accelerators worldwide.
Our values
Our values
1. Efficient and measurable solutions instead of impulsive solutions
2. Promising outlook and scalability instead of instant or local benefit
3. Openness and ability to be copied instead of privacy and inimitability
4. Self-organization and the networking approach instead of hierarchy
5. Cooperation and partnership instead of rivalry and separateness
6. Non-violence and voluntary participation instead of manipulation and coercion
There are already examples of successful projects worldwide that can be attributed to the philtech sphere. These include mobile applications, web-platforms, digital services and other scalable IT-solutions. They provide access to the information, resources and opportunities to those who had been previously deprived due to their place of residence, financial straits, illness or other circumstances. These solutions are used by organizations - state, profit and nonprofit, and by ordinary people – those, who are willing to help others with time, money or skills, or by those who need help.
Show cases
A publicly-accessible multilingual universal encyclopedia, the content of which may be added to and edited by users, the USA

Operational systems which are created and distributed in accordance with the free and open-source software model
A solution that makes non-governmental organizations (NGOs) flow of funds transparent, Russia, the USA
Global charitable social network for micro-donations in favor of nonprofit organizations founded by the model Natalia Vodianova: $1 will be debited from the user's card for each "like" (Love Button), comment or repost in favor of the nonprofit organization chosen by that user
Mobile application to help those in need: the user goes to the restaurants participating in the program, posts a photo of the meal that was ordered into the app, and sponsors pay for the dinner at the local distribution points, USA
Via this app, partner companies transfer funds to a charity for each kilometer walked / run by the user, the USA
The developer of artificial intelligence-based software to predict suicide trends, the project is being launched upon the initiative of the Canadian authorities, Canada
Charitable gamer marathons; viewers donate money while watching Twitch broadcasts. In January 2018 gamers managed to raise $2.3 million for the anti-cancer foundation, the USA

A platform for intelligent online volunteering, enables the nonprofit organization to find an expert ready to give pro bono advice on accounting, employment, law, etc. It is the first intellectual volunteering platform in Russia with computer-aided instruction technologies: a knowledge database making it possible to receive a robot's answer to your question in several seconds and which was formed on the basis of the most frequently asked questions, Russia
VR software for Neurorehabilitation. Helps people to be recover after being paralyzed by a stroke or other injuries. Virtual reality exercises allows for the creation of a new relationship between the cerebrum and the paralyzed part of the body, the UK.
Blockchain pilot of the WWF
A blockchain project to combat illegal fishing. Onboard the vessel, the radiofrequency identification tag (RFID) is attached to a fish. The reading devices on board the vessel, at the dock, and at the factory – will detect the tags and automatically upload the information to the blockchain register. After the fish is processed, the RFID will be replaced by a QR-code on the product packaging. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.

DisQwerty and DisType
Software for alternative communication with people having speech impairments. A schoolboy-programmer with infantile cerebral paralysis is developing the open source projects, Russia.

An open science electronic library, the largest legal research and educational resource of the Russian segment of the Internet, with full-text access to publications under the Creative Commons license, Russia.
Cloud service for the diagnosis of cancer based on artificial intelligence technologies: doctors upload pictures to the cloud, and the system helps them to detect cancer lesions more accurately and quickly and to determine their size, India. is a blockchain platform where people can buy solar panels and immediately lease them to African schools, companies, and communities. The site runs solar crowdfunding campaigns for a specific place, South Africa.
You can link a card to the app – and it will round up your checks to the nearest dollar, while the difference will be credited to the fund your have chosen, the USA.
An online platform where refugees can find students and teach them their native language, whether it be Urdu, Farsi, Arabic or whatever, Great Britain.
An online real estate insurance company, which donates a portion of its revenue from unclaimed yearly premiums to charity, the USA.
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